Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How bad are Indians at Spoken English?

Today, I was thinking about the spoken english skills of Indians and especially bureaucrats, ministers and officials of Indian government who represent India in world forums like United Nations etc. Or it seems that we have such a hard accent that nobody else in world understands especially United States. Since 9/11 and war on terror started Indian officials in every world meet stated that Pakistan is epicentre of terror but for Mr. President (Bush and Obama) and party (Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condolezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden) they were most dependable partners. I never understand that what made the above line so tough to understand that nobody in world considered Pakistan a threat for so many years and yet suddenly out from nowhere Mrs. Hillary Clinton declare Pakistan a "mortal threat".

For me mortal threats are to be dealt with utmost urgency but again I am an Indian and that too a common Indian whose english even Indian government finds tough to understand leave aside the rest of world.

Now some serious talk, As I mentioned in my earlier post that US is finding ways to negotiate a treaty with Talibans, US did not do it but Pakistan had one treaty, Let Talibs control SWAT and NWFP and Pakistani govt. would control rest of Pakistan but how can you control a part of nation without controlling its capital. So,Taliban had to move forward and now they captured Buner hardly 60 miles from capital Islamabad and while I am writing this blog they would be hatching plans to capture Islambad also and once they capture Islamabad only then world would try to get rid of Talibans in Pakistan. We are committing the same mistake that we committed with Afghanistan. Had these religious extremists been stopped in nineties world would have been lot peaceful today but at that time they were not a threat and at this time we did not consider Pakistan a threat but suddenly it has become a mortal threat.