Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who won : United States v/s Osama Bin Laden

With every passing day I am getting a feeling that we are entering a more dangerous world, a world controlled by religious extremists, a world controlled by people owning guns. It feels like its not United States and the free world but its Osama Bin Laden who is winning the war. By attacking United States on 9/11 he ignited a splinter and the fire has now engulfed the whole world. After 9/11 he and his organization Al Qaeda have not caused harm to the world that much as much as Mr. George Bush and we have caused it. Just see the chronology of events :

1) Al Qaeda attacks United States. The time was right with economy in recession and a new president who is not much popular with his own public.
2) US goes to war with Afghanistan and takes Pakistan as ally, a country which had sympathy for Taliban and Al Qaeda.
3) US goes to war with Iraq without closing one front and without much world support.
4) To boost the economy crumbling under the pressure mounting because of wars being fought by United States, interest rates are lowered like never before, short term policies are implemented and a demand supply bubble is created.

Now how these moves backfired :

4) The demand vanishes, the economy is back in recession, looks like 2001 recession never ended. The housing bubble bursts. Infact recession is more severe than what it was in 2001 and we talk about depression which was never ever discussed in 2001. More number of people are jobless than 2001 and more number of people without houses.

3) Iraq War : The biggest mistake in last 10 yrs. A thoughtless and meaningless invasion to show who is more powerful. No Nukes found, no WMD's found but this war caused more damage to American Economy then it did to Iraq. Cost of rebuilding Iraq is far lesser than cost of repairing American Economy. I do not know what the free world gained from this war but what we lost everybody knows. Iraq was a check over Iran and as soon as Iraq went down Iran started working on its nukes. By destroying Iraq we created one more Iraq.

2) Afghan War: Of course that was need of time, but how it was managed was worst. Pakistan was chosen as ally and after 7 years they are no more trustworthy. Taliban is again attacking Afghanistan, stronger than 2001. Pakistan still supporting terrorism and not war on terror. And moreover talks are on for a peaceful settlement with Taliban. So what was the reason to go for a war?

1) Bin Laden destroyed only 2 buildings but poor policies and string of wrong decisions have destroyed lots of homes and many more office buildings.

After 7 years of 9/11 we stand at a point which is more dangerous then what it was 7 years back. Times are just like World War II. Economy all set for depression. Iran , Pakistan and North Korea not budging to world pressure for nukes and their support for terror. The actors have changed but scenes are similar to what they were in 1935 and this time it would be even more dangerous because the enemy is not having a Soldier's Uniform but a terrorists outfit.